Your marriage will be a hot frying pan with oil and you will be the plantain. Man rain curses on his fiancee for dumping him for a Malaysian yahoo boy.


A Facebook user identified as Prince Chika
Eugene, laid curses on his fiancée and her dad
after he trained she and her sister in school, did
her traditional marriage but she turned around
and dumped him and absconded with a
Malaysian man who is believed to have married
her secretly.

Below are his words;

Uchechi Nnadiekwe, I am very certain that God
and man will never allow you go unpunished
for what you and your dad Alex Nnadiekwe did
to me. Below are the list of our traditional
wedding, but you and your dubious dad went
about telling your new husband that it was only
introductions that I did for you. Where was
your conscience and that of your dad when he
gave you out to your Malaysia husband or have
you all forgotten that I was the one who trained
you right from the very first day you were
enrolled in Alvan Ikokwu College of education and throughout your four years there, it was
my money you were spending, even when you
abandoned me, you still collected money from
me to sort out you and your family issues. The
last money I gave you was the money you used
for your school clearance that took you to NYSC
now. I can see that you don’t have conscience
and any feeling of guilt for what you did to me
and how you wasted my time and my hard
earned money, you rushed and marry the
Malaysian man without even thinking about
how it would affect me. Did you forget how
many times I paid your sister, Vivian
Nnadiekwe, school fees in school of nursing. I
could not believe my ears when Vivian was
insulting me over the phone, she has forgotten
so soon that I was her pillar of support all
through her years in nursing school.
Uchechi Nnadiekwe, you can marry any man of
your choice but one thing I’m sure of is that God will not forgive you, you will never find
peace and fulfillment in your marriage, your
marriage will be a hot frying pan with oil and
you will be the plantain, your husband will
never love you.
As for your father, Alex Nnadiekwe, he will
never enjoy the fruit of his labour, he will fight
with his son in law until he takes his own life. I

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