Woman Says She Won’t Let Her Kids Wear Masks Because It Makes Them Look Like Muslims


“I’m aware that it is a 99.6% recovery rate. I’ve never gambled in Las Vegas, but I’m willing to take these odds,” she said.

A Facebook user from Texas has said she would rather risk the safety of her children’s health just so that they don’t look like Muslims. You heard that right, Muslims!. The lady, Crystal Pool Latu, went live on Facebook to share details of a little inconvenience she faced while shopping with her kids for “organic groceries”. She believes that it is solely her decision to make if she wants the kids to wear a mask or not. Latu said she gets to decide for herself too and it doesn’t matter what people say or think. I think she believes that she and her kids are immune to the virus because they eat organic food and not junk.

She started off about how she was going live on Facebook because she was angry that a woman approached her in Walmart and told her to wear her face mask. Initially, when she went live, she said she will not wear a mask and neither will her kids because wearing a mask is unsafe, and walking around without a mask is better. It wasn’t long after she made the statement that has been regarded by many as hate speech towards Muslims. She said she wouldn’t want her kids to wear masks and roam around because “they’re one step closer to looking like Muslims.” She also added that her decision on not wearing masks is backed by science.

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Latu said that her American “freedoms” allow her to not comply with mask mandates. “I’m aware that it is a 99.6% recovery rate. I’ve never gambled in Las Vegas, but I’m willing to take these odds. I will roll these dice, and I will exercise my American freedoms to not give my kids mask because they’re one step close to looking like Muslims.”

Latu also wished for herself and her kids to be infected by coronavirus so they can enjoy “life-long immunity.”

“We seriously do not need to hinder the spread of the virus, we don’t need to limit all the germs, we need to take care of our temple,” she said. “I will not wear a mask and neither will my kids.” She also equated the health risk of not wearing a mask with the health risk of consuming soda and cigarettes. She claimed that if ” Americans have the freedom to purchase these products then surely we can go in and make a choice that wearing a mask is unhealthy.”

During her rant, she laid emphasis on her pro-life stance, saying “Killing babies is legal. If we can kill innocent babies in our society, then I can go into Walmart without someone telling me what to do.”

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While she was live, her child yelled from the backseat of the car, saying: “Stand up for your rights,” and “It’s all about Jesus.” She then added to this saying: “And we’re all about Jesus.” She added, “This is how they’re manipulating people, through shame and fear and guilt and that’s how the Devil has been working since the beginning of time. I will not put on the mask for anyone but Jesus.”

Almost all the comments on Facebook were in her support with people agreeing to her point of view, adding that they would not comply with the rules as well.

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