Single Mother Ties Up Her Son In A Sack Over Evil Spirit Allegations.


A woman simply identified as Iya Ayo, has been arrested for binding up her 10-year-old son, Ayo, in a sack and locking him up in a wardrobe for five days in the Fesojaye community, Owode, in Osun State, Nigeria.

Mrs. Ayo reportedly tied up her 10-year-old son last Wednesday until on Sunday, May 16 when a neighbor heard his cry for help. The neighbor immediately called the leaders and vigilante of the community who in turn called the police. The police arrested the woman and freed her son.

When asked why she tied up her own son, the single mother said her son was possessed with a demonic spirit and was always caught stealing people’s money even in school.

Confirming the incident to Mrjovial, the spokesperson of the Osun state police command, DSP Yemisi Opalola, said the woman was arrested and made to sign an undertaking never to hurt the child again. Opalola said efforts are being made to search for the father of the child so the mother can hand the son over to him. She added that the police are still monitoring the situation.

”We went to arrest the woman and she told us her part of the story, how her son has been misbehaving.The police told her to go and look for the father of the boy if she cannot take care of the child again which she obliged to. The DPO also followed up yesterday to ensured that the father is found. There is no way the police can cater for the child.They have made her to write an undertaking even with a surety who promised she will never hurt her son again.” she said

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