There’s no Almighty formula for successful relationships, But these rules will keep you in the right direction. 

They’re too many failed  relationships today, based on some little disagreement, few misunderstanding and a whole lots of excuses you’ll hear from victims of broken relationships.

The truth is, THERE IS NO PERFECT RELATIONSHIP. All successful relationships you hear of today, were at on point close to been broken up.

Success stories in relationship didn’t come from nothing, it didn’t just happened, the couples where not 100% perfect, it took understanding and cooperate efforts by the couples, to make something out of it.

I’ve heard people give too many complains about their partner, like “he or she isn’t perfect for me”, we’re not meant to be, and all that stuff.
Not meant to be is quite understandable, but not perfect for me isn’t, because nobody is perfect for anybody. If you seek perfection before going into a relationship, you’ll be single forever or you’ll find yourself jumping from one relationship to another, with the same issues you had in your previous relationships.

A lady once said to me, “I’ve found the perfect one for me, he’s everything I ever wished for”, few months later, she called and said, ” I don’t think this will work”. It won’t work if y’all don’t want it to work.
Cooperate efforts = successful relationship. It takes two to make one.

The question most people ask is, What can be done?.
A whole lot can be done to keep things going on fine. That’s why I compiled these four (7) rules for a successful relationship. And my number one on this list is

Yes, love.
Not loving the person for what they have, but for who they are. Love is the only tool that’ll help your relationship stand firm in perilous times.
The beginning of most love stories are rosy and all good, but as time goes on you’re definitely gonna hear side talks and all that negative stuff about your partner, some you’ve never heard before, be it true or false, but you shouldn’t allow these talks jeopardize the love you have for your partner. Y’all have to give love to have love. Love is the number one rule.

A relationship where there’s no trust is a waste of time, you won’t have peace in your relationship if there’s no trust.
Love could be the heart of a relationship, but trust is the back bone.
Don’t involve yourself in fishy activities that will jeopardize the trust and honesty your partner have for you.

Most trust issues in relationships comes from  (side talks) what you’ve heard, and if you pay too much attention to side talks, you might blame yourself in the end, especially when they’re only rumors.

One sad thing about trust is that it doesn’t ends when a relationship ends, even when you’ve moved on from a failed relationship, you’re still going to have some atom of trust issues in you, based on past experiences.

The question most people ask is ” if it’s possible to build trust again in a relationship even after a series of questionable behavior by their partner?  The answer is yes. (Based on cooperate efforts). I won’t sugar coat it, because its going to be hard but not impossible.

How can we build trust again?  Y’all need to talk. Which leads me to the third rule

to build trust again, y’all have to talk! Yes, y’all have to talk about everything.
Don’t just sit there and imagine stuffs in your head.
(a) Don’t ask yourself questions that you suppose to ask your partners, you can’t answer for them.
(b)  Don’t ask your friends questions that you’re suppose to ask your partner, they’ll always have something to say.
You have to ask the right questions to get the right answers.
Accumulating scenarios and false thought in your head will hurt your feelings and Chances of keeping your relationship will be very slim.
When you talk, you don’t only have the right answers, but you’re also aware of what is going on with your partner.

Most people believe too much on their instincts, and as human, we can never be right at all times. Like the saying goes, ” if you always have to be right, you’re wrong”.
Don’t just dive into conclusion when you hear something about your partner… Talk about it.

Spend time together 

To understand your partner more and more, there is no other rule, but to spend time with them.
When you spend time with them, you’ll be aware of whatever is bothering them and how to help them, that’ll keep the relationship on the right track you’ll understand them a lot.

There’s lot of things you could do to waste time than to be in a pointless relationship.
Let the future be the priority. You better start planning ahead now. What are the goals and objective, what is there to archive, make plans for the future.
Where you are now, isn’t where you’re going to be seven years from now. So support their plans as well as yours.

Since it’s going to be a long term relationship, sex shouldn’t be the main point, but building the relationship together.

Let bygone be bygone. 

Whatever happened before shouldn’t be a topic now. Leave the past behind and focus on the future.
Past relationships experience, what your ex could do and all that stuff, should not be entertain in your current relationship.

These seven rules will help you build that relationship you’ve always wanted.

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