Nollywood Actress, Toyin Abraham celebrates Linda Ikeji as she’s set to become a mother for the first time.


As popular blogger, Linda Ikeji continues to celebrate her pregnancy, a lot of celebrities have continued to congratulate her both on Instagram and on Twitter.

Among those who celebrated with Linda Ikeji as she expects her first child is popular Nollywood Actress, Toyin Abraham. The Actress took to her Instagram account as she congratulates Linda Ikeji on her pregnancy.
The Actress who has just been engaged to her fiancée who is a lawyer, shared pictures of Linda Ikeji on her Instagram handle as she congratulates her.

Linda Ikeji announced on a blog post yesterday that she is expecting a baby. She express her joy and said that everything is coming to her as a surprise.

Here is the lengthy post she wrote on a blog post as she celebrate abandoning celibacy;

Did you guys comprehend the title of this post? Or should I write again? Oh God this can’t be true, pass me some oxygen I can’t breathe…Lol. Alright, let me calm my nerves down as I say it again. I Linda Ikeji, will be a mum. Somebody please wake me up, this must be some kind of dream, I can’t even control myself.

I found this year that I was pregnant. When I missed my period and I called my doctor and we ran some test and when the result came out, it was positive, I mean I was actually pregnant. My friend cried with happiness but I was just standing on my own starring at the test result like, I hope this is not some joke or something ,I hope you’re not messing me?

I was asking myself like, is this even real or is this just a joke? I refused to believe the result so I asked my friend to make an arrangement with another doctor so we can run another lab test just to be sure. After the second test, the result came out and it was positive again, it was confirmed that I’m pregnant. I was asking myself some very funny  questions like, me, Linda, will bear a child…Lol, who would have thought, please nobody should wake me up from this dream..Lol.

I’m sure by now most people will be asking what’s the big deal in getting pregnant, so many women have had children, some twins and triplet so what’s the big deal in all of this? Lol.  of course there’s no big deal but you see me, I’m something else. There’s something about me that I have never said in public and that’s my love for babies. Seeing them alone gives me joy and makes me always wanted to have one one day.

Their smiles, innocence, tears and laughter is what obsesses me a lot and always made me wished for mine. I think I took this love for children from my dad because he always loved children and always wanted them around him all the time.

I was raised in a compound with a lot of neighbours and this might sound strange to you but as a teenager, I was officially the residents babysitter. You can ask my siblings. I actually carried all the new born babies born and raised in that compound. Their mums would always ask me to look after their babies when they are tired or want to go out, this didn’t go down well with my family…Lol.

The first baby I carried back then was a boy named Makoba, he’ll definitely be a grown up by now. When I first held him in my arms, I didn’t want to let him go, so whenever I was less busy, I’ll rush to their house and play with him. My sister and I use to take turns in the kitchen everyday of the week. So whenever it my turn to cook and I’m babysitting, I’d tell my sisters to cover up for me or they come babysit the child for me. They’ll never choose babysitting so they’ll cover up for me.
My love for kids grew stronger when my siblings started having kids.

Just imagine that in a few month it’ll be my turn to carry my own blood, my own flesh, the one I carried for nine months, it’s in incongruous, I can’t comprehend it.

DJ Khaled isn’t even as obsessed with his son as I will be to my son. He’s not even here yet but I already ordered a Bentley Mulsanne for us.

When I’m alone, I feel him moving around him and I imagine the sound of his laughter in my head, I just get up and smile as I countdown to my delivery. Lol. I really can’t wait for it as I countdown the days till I can finally cradle my own son.

Dear son of many expectation, all my achievement, all my money, all my possession are nothing compare to you. You are my greatest joy and my treasure. I cherish you more than life itself. I can’t wait to meet you and to hold you in my arms and of course to spoil you with love and care till you will be begging me to stop.

I’m certain that I’m going to be the best mum in the world. To hold and cherish you is my purpose on earth and I will always love you till the the end of time.
I would have wished to have children earlier but as my dad will always say, miracles happen when God is ready to share them with you so that the world will see.

I don’t have too many secrets, I’ve always shared my progress in life with you guys over the years and I definitely want to share this joy with you. I wanted to share the news with you guys ever since I confirmed the pregnancy but my family and friends didn’t want it to sound too sudden.

My prayer for everyone out there is for God to grant you the desires of your heart and may all your dreams come true.
Let me use this medium to invite my loyal female readers that I’ll be having a baby shower in a few weeks and I will appreciate if you guys come celebrate with me. Further updates will be coming your way on date and venue.

God be with you all

Linda Ikeji.

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