“No sex for nine years after taking a blood oath” – Nollywood Actress, Timmy MacNicol talks about the disadvantage of marrying old men.


Nollywood Actress, Timmy K Macnicol had a lengthy discussion on how terrible her life was for seven years after getting married to a Briton old enough to be her dad.

In the interview with Filani News, the actress said her ex-husband abused her and also forced her to take a blood oath throughout the time their marriage lasted.

Timmy got married to a British man at the age of 19 and filed for divorce on February 6th. 2020 after it became glaring to her that she cannot continue with the marriage due to constant abuse from her husband.

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“No one believe what i’m going through and what iv’e been through all these years, people don’t believe emotional abuse is real. It got to a point that i couldn’t bear it anymore, I felt drained like my life was about to end, I felt less like a woman. I can’t be going through pain like this just because i want to stay in my marriage. We were married for seven years.

“He insisted i swear a blood oath with him that i will never cheat on him or leave him no matter how hard it gets. This is why i advise young ladies to never marry old men no matter how much hes worth. If you get married to him because of his money like i did, there are stuff you’ll experience in that marriage that you cannot control. These are the things that will destroy you to the extent that his money will be useless to you.

“Because of his abusive nature, i haven’t had sex for good nine years even though i’m married. I went back to being a virgin after i had my first son.”

The actress also advice young girls against marrying old men.

“I strongly advice young girls against marrying old men because they would be denied a lot. The man is old already and gotten children from other women. So after one child the chances of you getting dumped is high. When you get married to an old man, you end up giving him a lot and the only thing you’ll get in return is money. And not even all the time because you’re not the only baby mama on his payroll. I wasted nine precious years of my youthful age just like that. In all i still thank God for everything. I thank God he preserved my life so that other girls can learn from my experience. Thank God i have a son. I pray that he see me through the divorce. I would have to come back and start a new life with my son, a life free of domestic violence.”

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