Man who have been abusing his wife for 13 years, calls out another man who snatched her from him. (Details)


Mr Gideon Simwanza,who was accused of physically abusing his wife, and got separated from her, has accused a Zambian District Education Standard Officer (DESO) Mr Victor Simufwi, of snatching his wife after 20 years of marriage.

The alienated husband who said he was legally married to his wife in 1998, has been reportedly abusing his wife and also engaging her in physical combat for more than 13 years. He was also accused of having extramarital affairs with other women, and when she would confront him based on that, he would beat her and even chase her from the house.
Mr Simwanza’s relative, who spoke to newsmen, said the husband once attempted to murder his wife, but she got a transfer from Mkushi to Nakonde at Ntindi Basic School just to runaway from her abusive husband.

“Yes, I can confirm that Madam Idah Nankamba my mlam is no longer with this man. Yes, he’s  my relative but I can disclose to you that he has been abusing this innocent woman for more than 13 years now to the extent that between the year 2009/2010 they went on separation and she even got a transfer from Mkushi to Nakonde at Ntindi Basic School just to abscond from her abusive husband.
To cut the long story, what I am telling you is that Mr Simwanza has been abusing his wife to the extent of wanting to kill her. So as a family, we are glad to the man that his first wife has finally divorced him”, said a family source who pleaded to the media not to disclose his name to the public for fear of being beaten by Mr Simwanza.

Still and all, in a May 12 Facebook post, Mr Simwanza wished that his wife (whom he was abusing for the past 13 years) and the man who she is currently living with, (the alleged wife snatcher), Victor Simufi, get their reward soon enough.
He wrote; “ Victor Simufwi DESO MKUSHI you’ve done well, thank you very much for successfully snatching from me my lovely wife who  would have celebrate 20 years in marriage with me this year, Idah Nankamba, the reward for both of you is coming your way  sooner than later  in Jesus Christ name, you shall receive your reward.”

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