The chief commander of police in Abia State,
Yesterday announced the arrest of a 65 year old
man who was caught defiling an innocent girl in
his farm yesterday.

According to the police report, the man was
about to be burnt alive by angry residents
before the police interfered.

According to the residents in the area where
the crime occurred at about 1pm on Thursday, they were alerted by a young man
who was defecating somewhere close to the
farm. He heard the scream of the little girl’s voice and he thought she was been beaten by
a snake. So he alerted passersby that a snake
has beaten a girl in the bush, but on them
getting there, they caught the man red handed,
raping the innocent girl.

According to this young man who was on the
scene of the incident, he said,
“ We have never heard of such thing in this community before, this is the first time this is happening. When the guy who alerted us to go and check what was going on, we thought it was a snake because we do kill snakes in these farms, only for us to see that it was this old man that his old enough
to be her father that is raping the innocent girl,
not only rapping her but also tied  her with a
rope so that she cannot escape”.

They dragged him into the street as he was
been paraded about without clothes. He was
beaten and was almost set on fire before the
Police arrived on the scene.

The girl was admitted to a nearby hospital where
she’s been given medical treatment.

The police reported that the culprit will be
charged to court where he will be served

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