I told Efe that he’s terrible musician – Ushbebe

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Not every joke is actually a joke.

Comedian Ushbebe’s comment on DJ Cuppy has been the talk on the lips of many. The comedian said that DJ Cuppy is the worst DJ he’s ever seen.

When Ushbebe was contacted about his comment, he said it was nothing personal and that he only meant it as a joke.

He said:

“I didn’t joked about Cuppy alone, I cracked a joke about over seven celebrities and some others seated in the hall. I don’t see why people had to single out the joke I made on DJ Cuppy. I also joked about Davido who is always dragging envelopes with entertainers despite coming from a rich family.  I joked about Wizkid and Mercy Johnson too. It was a comedy show. When you just take two seconds from a long video and put it online, you are obviously looking for attention and controversies. Something led to that particular video scene online.”

Ushbebe said that if someone had insulted him in the name of joke, he wouldn’t take it  lightly. He insisted it was a joke and as a comedian he had to make people laugh.

“It’s a comedy show and everything is you heard is not personal, it’s just a joke. If it was not a joke, people in the audience would not laugh. People joke about me too but it has not stopped me from doing my work. Criticisms always make me stronger. I told Efe Money before that he don’t know how to sing, he’s a terrible musician, but he is now a better musician,” he said.

Elaborating on the outcome of the show, he said he was pleased with the outcome.

He said:
“I was convinced it would not flop because we have been planning towards it for a long time. “

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