How To Become An Instagram Influencer

how to become an Instagram influencer

Do you know that as an Instagram influencer, you can actually earn money, gain popularity and have millions of fans by doing something you are passionate about? Do you know that brands spent $8 billion on influencer marketing in 2019? And that this amount will surely rise this year? Do you know that Instagram influencers with 2,000 to 10,000 followers charge about $75 to $250 per post?

That is why we have thousands of influencers on Instagram today and if you’re interested in becoming an Instagram influencer, don’t fret, I’ve got you covered.

With the rising popularity of Instagram influencers, brands are willing to spend tons of money so that influencers can advertise their product and this has become a lucrative way for people to earn money.

Over the years we have seen people turn their daily lives into something worth watching and something worth paying for and in return, they made lots of money from it.

You don’t have to be Justin Bieber’s cousin or Beyonce’s sound engineer if you want to be an Instagram Influencer. What I mean is, you don’t have to be popular before you start, popularity comes only when you’ve started.

So if you think you don’t have what it takes to be a typical Instagram influencer, you are wrong because there are ways around it, which I’ll be sharing with you in this article. 

A lot of people think it is a waste of time trying to be an Instagram influencer when they’re not popular because they feel they are never going to do stuff that thousands of people will like and share, that this job is not for introverts, that people will not buy a product just because they recommend it but that’s not true.

As a newbie, it’s important you know there are lots of Instagram Influencers in the niche you’re passionate about and that these influencers have great products, great content and a lot of fans too because of the nice stuff they do, so you need to have a strategy that will work perfectly which I will give you in this article.

But before we dive into the Do’s and Don’t and the strategies that work, I’ll tell you what an Instagram Influencer means and the stuff they do.

Who Are Instagram Influencers?

People who create content on Instagram, who dominate a particular niche or topic, who have the power to influence their audience to do something or to buy a particular product on Instagram are Instagram influencers.

According to Beauty Business Journal, A consumer trust panel by ExpertVoice in 2018 showed that only 4% of people trust celebrity endorsements. Instead, they seek recommendations from people who are like them; influencers who have credible experience and knowledge, and who genuinely believe in the brands they’re promoting.

There are a lot of Instagram influencers/content creators dominating niche like comedy, celebrity lifestyle, travel, tours, photography, modeling, food, health, etc. No matter the niche you choose, good content converts to lots of followers.

You can have a fan base of 5 million followers if you take your content to the right audience. The more followers you get, the more money you get. “Great content converts to a great audience, great audience converts to more money.”

What Do They Do?

Apart from creating engaging content, Instagram Influencers are seen as brand promoters. Once you begin your journey as an Instagram Influencer and you start putting out engaging content on your feed and you have a sizeable number of followers, It’s only a matter of time before brands in your niche will start reaching out to you for collaboration and sponsorships.

One other thing Instagram influencers do is that they interact with their followers. Communication is a crucial prerequisite if you want to influence your followers so that they’ll always engage with your content and trust your recommendation on products.

It’s all about trust and proof because as an Instagram influencer people will always trust your recommendation of a product as to best in your niche. That is why companies prefer Instagram Influencers when they want to sell a product because it’s more like personal advertising.

Here are my detail list and guidelines on how you can become an Instagram Influencer.

Tips On Becoming An Instagram Influencer

1. Choose A Niche You Like

This is the first and most important part of becoming an Instagram Influencer. It is advisable to choose a niche that you are passionate about. Something that you can never get tired of doing. Something that suits your personality that you can always create genuine content about.

I love making people laugh, I don’t try to, it comes naturally. I’ve done a master of ceremonies for weddings and I did great because engaging with the crowd to entertain them is something I love doing. I don’t stress over my next skits because there are tons of ideas in my head.

So that’s how it is. I will not choose the cosmetics niche because even if It’s a profitable niche, I’m not passionate about it, and I will not survive in the long run because it will be difficult for me to post unique content.

Your post should be a reflection of your passion so you can target a particular audience and gain popularity.

While it is important you choose a niche you are passionate about, it is not advisable to choose a non-profitable niche.

2. Get An Instagram Business Account

You cannot be an Instagram Influencer if you’re not on Instagram. The Instagram business account has a lot of features that are very useful to influencers.

One of the features of an Instagram business account is Instagram analytics. It gives you information on the location of your followers, their age range and also shows you followers fluctuations, demographic data of your followers, profile views and website clicks.

As an Instagram influencer, it is important you know your Instagram analytics so you will know the location and age range of people you should target the most, and what type of content is more engaging and also when is the best time for you to post.

The Instagram business account allows You to see not only your follower demographics but also the posts are getting better engagement.

Another exciting feature of the Instagram business account is that it allows you to promote your content and create awareness to a wider audience.

As a newbie, you would love to promote your content to reach more people who are interested in your niche, and the only way you can get to them is when you create awareness using the Instagram business account.

When you promote your content to the audience interested in your niche, and they liked it, they are going to follow you and that’s how you grow your audience. It is important you target the audience in your niche when you want to create awareness for your content.

For instance, not everybody will like to see a young hot dude flaunting his six-packs on their Instagram feed, definitely not me. So targeting the wrong audience is the same thing as not targeting at all.

Brands will not partner with you if you don’t have a sizeable number of followers. That is where content promotion comes in to help you create awareness. Creating a business account is free, but you need to fund it to foot the bill for the ads.

How To Become An Instagram Influencer
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3. Create An Eye-Catching Bio

After getting your Instagram business account, the next step is to create a bio that immediately catches people’s attention. Your bio has to be about your story in a way that engages people.

Your bio is either going to interest brands and potential followers or make them hit the back button real quick.

Remember, your bio is the first thing visitors will see when they click on your profile. So think of it as introducing yourself in an event or telling us about yourself as an author on a book you just published.

When writing a bio, it is important to also tell people about your niche because people are going to see your bio before they see your content. Your bio is the first impression you give to visitors.

How To Become An Instagram Influencer
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4. Create Your Own Unique Hashtags

As an Instagram Influencer, hashtags are very important because they link back to your post or profile. It is a free tool to advertise because when people click on it, it will direct them to all the posts with that hashtag.

You can also add trending hashtags to your post. The main reason is for it to link back to your profile. Instagram gives a lot of importance to hashtags because it is clickable and if used properly, It will create awareness for your content.

It is advisable you use at least three hashtags on your post on an average and also use trending hashtags on words in your niche.

how to become an Instagram influencer
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5. Create Unique Contents

A lot of people make the mistake of copying other people’s work and it is very dangerous because it will affect your brand negatively.

Brands and potential followers have no business with Instagram influencers who do not create unique content.

So even when you finally decide to create unique content, it will be difficult for brands to trust you as the owner of those content, rather they’ll see you as an imposter, and this is not good for your reputation as an Instagram influencer.

That is why choosing a niche you are passionate about is very important so you don’t run out of ideas.

Stats show that there are over 400,000,000 Instagram users. The sea is wide enough for everyone to swim, so It’s important that you set yourself apart, and post unique content because your success as an Instagram influencer depends on your creativity.

How To Become An Instagram Influencer
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6. Be Consistent

Consistency is a crucial prerequisite in becoming an Instagram influencer because it is important for you to post content and interact with followers regularly if you want to grow your audience.

Research has shown that an increase in your content posting frequency will boost engagement rates and lead potential followers to your profile.

Consistency is very important because the more valuable content you post online, the more awareness you create for your content and the more engagements you’ll get. If we both start out as Instagram influencers on the same day, and I post content daily or four times a week, and you post once a month, I’m definitely going to have more audience than you. It’s simple logic.

If you study popular influencers in your niche, you will find out they’re always posting unique content or personal pictures of their last vacation on their page just to engage the audience. The aim is to make sure your followers see your content on Instagram very often. It is very important for your success as an Instagram influencer.

It is also very important to know when It’s the right time to post a particular content. That is why you need to study the Instagram analytics of your page to know when it’s best for you to publish a particular content.

How To Become An Instagram Influencer
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7. Add Captions To Your Content

Content without a caption will be less engaging, and engagement is one of the most important factors that will foster your growth as an Instagram influencer.

Unique content with a poorly written caption will discourage followers from engaging and sharing their views on that content.

The best way to engage with your followers is to add a caption to your content that will lead to conversation. Social media is all about engaging with people and sharing different views. When you add a caption to your post, you will be able to interact with your followers and this goes a long way in building a healthy relationship with them.

A caption is like adding personality to your content. Giving it a voice so people will know what it is about.

How To Become An Instagram Influencer
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8. Interact with your followers

Social media is all about sharing views and interacting with people.

Content with graphics and a caption conveying your brand will get plenty of comments and likes from your followers. You have to reply as many as you can if you really want to influence them.

The best way to interact with your followers is to add captions that can help jumpstart conversations, use polls on Instagram stories, ask questions and pick winners randomly for giveaways.

As you create a friendly environment with them, you are creating awareness for your brand because they will share your views and advice with their friends.

Followers love it when influencers communicate with them, this is essential for your growth as an Instagram influencer.

How To Become An Instagram Influencer
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9. Make Your Instafeed Attractive

This is a major prerequisite if you want to be an Instagram Influencer. I recommend you use high-quality cameras for your photos so that they will be visually appealing and attractive.

All photos on your feed should be high-quality images, this is one of the factors that make the difference between you and other Instagram influencers in your niche.

Brands are in search of Instagram Influencers with the most attractive feeds that accurately represent their products, services, and locations. 

Get a graphic designer to assist you in designing your photos or use tools like VSCO or Lightroom to edit your photos.

Your Instagram feed portrays your taste for high quality, so make sure your photos are taken with quality cameras to make them look really good because brands will not collaborate with an Instagram influencer who struggles to capture quality images, so quality photos and videos will definitely make your feed attractive to brands.

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10. Use Instagram Stories

A lot of Instagram influencers do not know the effectiveness of Instagram stories. The Instagram story is one of the most effective ways to reach people who aren’t even your followers.

Every day, about 300 million-plus users post stuff on their Instagram stories. As an Instagram influencer, it is important you join the bandwagon so your content can be seen by a wider audience. Instagram influencers having more than 10,000 followers can add a link in their Stories with a ‘Swipe up’ option.

The Instagram story also allows you to tag others on your Stories. This is a great way of building a healthy relationship with other Instagram influencers in your niche.

It’s also an effective tool to grow your audience because those influencers are likely to return the favor.

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11. Tag Other Instagram Influencers On Your Niche To Your Post

I do this quite often when I post new content. The aim is to create a friendly environment with influencers in my niche, especially those with more followers than me.

Sometimes I get a repost, sometimes I don’t, but this is one effective way to reach a greater audience especially when they repost your content on their timeline and tag you to it.

This way you will have people clicking on your profile to see more of your content and you’re definitely going to get followers and more people reposting your content.

It’s important you keep it in the limit. Don’t go overboard, you can mention 2-3 people in your niche on some of your most engaging content twice a month to increase their chances of seeing the content.

How To Become An Instagram Influencer

12. Get In Touch With Brands

This is one way to earn as an Instagram influencer. Once you’ve been able to grow your followers and you have decent engagement, it’s best you start contacting relevant brands in your niche.

You can participate in these brand campaigns or use their hashtags in your posts. By doing this, you’re creating awareness and you will definitely be placed on their priority list.

You can also tag brands related to your niche on your photos to create more awareness. Sometimes these brands even feature such photos on their Instagram account, giving you greater visibility.

You can also contact brands whose products you’ve tried and tested and you think would be relevant to your niche. Brands whose product you know is of high quality and think your audience would benefit from.

You can join platforms like Grin, InsightPoolHYPRInfluencerBay,TRIBE, and TapInfluence and connect with relevant brands with goodwill and quality products.

I know you want to earn but don’t be desperate. Don’t sell out. Don’t give a good review for a product that has low quality because your followers trust you and will buy any product you recommend. So, give honest reviews and get in touch with the brands you trust.

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13. Start From The Bottom

I know the frustration and how hard it is to get people to follow you on Instagram. But no matter how hard it may be, do not buy followers and do not buy an Instagram account.

As an Instagram influencer, paid followers are a setback to your growth, they will not engage with your post because they are dormant followers not active. And when brands find out your followers are not engaging with your post, (which will be very obvious), they will not partner with you.

If you want to make money as an Instagram influencer, stick with organic traffic. No Instagram influencer made it with paid followers. It’s a waste of resources.


It’s not going to be rosy when you take your first step in this journey to be an Instagram influencer. But the tips I shared in this article will definitely help you dominate your niche.

It helped me, I get products to advertise from brands and I make some cool cash that’s why I’m sharing these tips with you. You need to be consistent, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Please leave a comment below, ask questions and let me know what you think!

Here again, are the 12 key steps:

1. Choose A Niche You Like

2. Get An Instagram Business Account

3. Create An Eye-Catching Bio

4. Create Your Own Unique Hashtags

5. Create Unique Contents

6. Be Consistent

7. Add Captions To Your Content

8. Interact with your followers

9. Make Your Instafeed Attractive

10. Use Instagram Stories

11. Tag Other Instagram Influencers On Your Niche

12. Get In Touch With Brands

13. Start From The Bottom

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