Frank Edwards narrates how he hawked okpa with his mum for 10 years.


Gospel music sensation, Frank Edwards,take a look back in time as he reminisces on the bitter experience he had while growing up with his mom.

The award winning singer shared his experience on how he struggled to eat three square meals a day as he sold okpa (a local Nigerian food) with his mum and how the suffering affected his eyes and made his lips turned blacked permanently.

However he said the experience made him learn alot about life and broadened his knowledge on money.

He also added that he learnt how to handle business at a very young age and that he also mastered the skills of  marketing.

Though it may seem impossible for some people to comprehend his story based on the divine transformation in his life, most of these superstars today have been through alot while growing up, but as they say ‘If you follow your dreams, it’ll lead you to a bright future. Frank’s case isn’t far fetch.

Below is the full story Frank Edward posted on his social handle:

You see this here, it’s called okpa. My mum was making it and we were both selling it, this was my breakfast and dinner every blessed day. The proess of making this okpa was very ridiculous. My mom used fire wood and I was the one fanning the fire because kerosene was too expensive for us to afford, So I had smoke entering my eyes 5 hours everyday for over 10 years except  Sundays. 
My eyes were always red until it beccame permanently red that I could’nt treat it because we were too poor to afford the medications, then I started having eye problem because i was always robbing my eyes with my dirty hands trying to clear the smoke for a brighter vision.

My mom had the same issues with her eyes,regardless of the difficulties we faced, we still hit the road to sell unless we ain’t getting money that day as that was our only soure of income at the time. But that was the time when i developed a strong and natural business mindset, I knew a lot about money earlier than I thought I would, I mastered the skill of marketing, I knew that smoke is not strong enough to stop me, I knew the ones that always buy on credit and are so reluctant to pay so I only go to them when the market is so bad because it’s better to sell on credit than to have it spoil.

What you are going through today is like a trainning,though it may look like suffering,don’t let it tear you apart, don’t look for an easy way out, go through it and ome out tougher, though today i have permanent red eyes to the extent that some people always ask me if I smoke, i’m like God forbid!, sometimes it hurts, most time 
I laugh because i’m like ” if only you know “. But however i’m a happy man and I have enough pages in my book of testimony to enourage not only my children but also to anyone out their who are dealing with real life situations.

Go through it and add pages to your testimony book. Because your blessing is ready and waiting for you.

Alot of comments poured in as a lot of people admitted that they’ve been touhed by his story.

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