Desperate Africans Caught Hiding Inside A Car Dashboard And Engine In a Do Or Die Attempt To Enter Spain.


The terrible unstable economy, corruption and an unending lack of employment in Africa has forced it citizen to employ unthinkable method of absconding from the continent.

The pictures in this post shows one of two African migrants trying to force their way into Europe. The migrants were found hiding inside the space between the engine and dashboard.

A lady was also discovered inside the rear seat in a desperate bid to sneak into Spain.
Spanish Civil Guards discovered the two young Guinean nationals while trying to enter the Spanish enclave of Melilla.

The recently shared video shows the migrants, a boy and a girl, both aged 19, coming out from the cramped spaces of the car.

The Moroccan driver and another passenger were arrested for human trafficking.

Seven months ago, it was reported that 4 migrants trying to flee Morocco into a Spanish enclave in North Africa were found hiding inside rear seat, dashboards and base of the car. Two of the four migrants had to be treated by medics after showing symptoms of asphyxia, disorientation and joint pains.

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