COVID-19: Brazil digs hundred’s of grave as death toll rises.


Aerial photos show thousands of newly dug graves in Cemiterio de vila Formosa, Sao Paulo, Brazil as death toll rises to 329 with 8,076 confirmed cases of Corona Virus.

The overwhelming and uncontrollable increase of COVID-19 cases in Brazil has forced the government to dig hundreds of grave as they prepare for more casualties.

People stood and watch as their loved ones are buried in 10 minutes as the cemetery workers are in haste to attend to more dead bodies.

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Mrs. Martha was in tears as she watched the gravediggers bury her husband in less than 10 minutes.

” My husband came in from China a few weeks back and we went for the test but we were not attended to on time due to the crowd.”

“The results came back after some days and he tested positive”, She said.

The death toll is on a spike in Brazil and the gravediggers in vila Formosa are working frenetically as their job doubled to more than 60 burials per day.

A gravedigger said burial is on the rise because most of the dead people could not be treated or even tested for the virus.

Cases of unconfirmed death by the virus are not counted by Brazil’s official statistics as death rise to 300 on Thursday with over 8,000 confirmed cases. Brazil has the highest case of the virus in Latin America.

A gravedigger said, ” The numbers given by the newspapers are false, we have more than double of the numbers in the newspaper”.

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Friends, family and loved ones of the dead stood by as they watch in anguish and confusion wondering if they might have contracted the deadly virus.

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