Ay’s younger brother, Yomi Casual, tears a follower apart for asking him for money.


Asking for alms on Social media as become a new trend especially on instagram.

Some folks now message their favorite celebs or even make the request on their comment section to ask for financial assistance.

In this case, a fan who asked Yomi Casual, a popular fashion designer and brother to popular comedian, AY, for financial assistance.

The fan wrote; “Pls help we have nothing to eat and starving this Easter period and any financial aid would gladden our hearts, I and kid bro. Bless you and a pleasant Easter celebration to everyone”.

Yomi responded to his request:“Nothing to eat and you buy data? Trust me you don’t know what you want”.

Here’s the short conversation :

While some section of his followers finds his response rude and offensive,
Some folks think he stated his mind and that does not require any form of apology to the guy in need.

What about you dear, was he harsh or just being truthful?

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